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Does any of the following apply to your Security Agency?

  • You want to increase employee health, recruitment and retention, but not yet ready to pay the massive overhead that comes with a full blown benefits package?
  • You are currently providing your employees a “health benefit” by simply increasing their salaries, therefore increasing their Income & Payroll tax?
  • Would like to offer FREE 24/7 telemedicine benefits for your employees?
  • Would like to offer FREE Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for your employees?
  • Have full control of how much you spend on the benefits plan?

If so, we have secured the perfect Benefits program for your security business!
In January 2017, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act.  This created the “Qualified Small Entity Health Reimbursement Arrangement” or QSEHRA which allows small businesses to reimburse employees tax free for insurance and medical expenses!

  • $4,950/yr for singles
  • $10,000/yr for families

Your Benefit Options!

Everything is online and can be done in 5 minutes or less!
No setup or sneaky fees!
No long-term contracts!

  • Sets up a benefits portal for your company.
  • Pharmacy discounts with RefillWise (save up to 80% on prescription medications—and earn cash back!).
  • Personalized plan advice to help your employees find the optimal plan for their needs.
  • Support Concierge. Have a health insurance question? We have a team of experts ready to help!
  • Add benefits you want to pay for and invite your employees. Add or remove employees at anytime. Upgrade or downgrade benefits at anytime.
  • Employees can also use our growing suite of free services or choose their own paid upgrades.
  • +HRA $15 per Employee per Month
  • Adds the Tax-Free Reimbursement QSEHRA account which offers your employees pre-tax dollars each month towards health expenses.
  • +SMART $15 per Employee per Month
  • Call a Doctor 24/7 for $0! Your employees and their entire families can call a doctor for $0 anytime to get medical advice, referrals, and basic prescriptions. There’s no copay, no deductibles. Seriously, $0. The average doctor visit takes about 2 hours and costs $180. Save your employees time and money (especially if they have kids) with this big-company feature that’s not typically available to individuals and small businesses.
  • Dental Discounts. Offer your employees dental benefits for waaay cheaper than they can get on their own. We use our negotiating power to secure better deals for you and your employees. We’ve partnered with Aetna Dental Access© to offer big dental savings to your employees and their entire families, including 15% to 50% savings on cleanings, x-rays, crowns, root canals (fun!), fillings, orthodontics, etc.
  • Vision Discounts. Employees with vision needs will find great discounts on common services including eye exams, glasses, contacts, LASIK surgery, etc.
  • Medical Bill Negotiation. Your employees can submit bills for themselves and their entire families. We’ll handle all the negotiation with the doctors and insurance companies and send your employees a revised bill. Pretty awesome!
  • +HRA and SMART $30 per Employee per Month
  • The full monty including everything listed above!
  • Call us today to set up your FREE benefits portal!